Ana Araujo

Architect, Architectural Association School Professor and Curator

“Asakala is a committed professional, open to testing new ideas, and a talented maker. She is also flexible. She listens attentively to what is asked from her, while also suggesting alternative, creative solutions. I would recommend her services with no hesitation.”


Mark Jenkins

UX Director & UX Consultant, Triple Double

“An exceptional talent, Asakala is a passionate designer who works across multiple disciplines. This thoughtful, multi-disciplinary approach means she applies her various experiences, moulding them together to produce work that is the direct result of lateral thinking.

Using her inquisitive nature and imagination, combined with this lateral thinking, she shines with her natural aptitude to create. With her ability to approach each project with a different outlook, she produces work of the highest quality where the function and form meld together. The all important details and intricacy are taken care of with the utmost of attention. All this whilst applying a UX process to gather insight, find the real problem and suggest value-creating solutions for users.

A skilled hand, with an expert eye, I would not hesitate to recommend Asakala to provide value to any company looking to add a talented UX designer to their team – a problem solver with a different outlook, providing and creating real value through her work.”


Alexander Breeze

Stylist & Creative Director

“Asakala is a focussed and inspired Creative Director who communicates her vision effectively, while still leaving room for her collaborators to bring their own creativity to the end result. As a stylist, working with Asakala is complete pleasure and my work under her direction has proved to be some of my best.”



Alex Theodorou

Co Founder, Craft & Narrative

“Asakala has a keen creative eye, a notable attention to detail and self-driven, diligent approach to project management. Working with her to craft the illuminum branding & packaging was an absolute pleasure.”