User Experience Design / Creative Conscience

Starting a global movement which awards young people for applying their talents to socially valuable projects

The Creative Conscience Awards help students and graduates implement their humanitarian projects. They have a unique offering in that the awards are open to students of all disciplines with a low barrier to entry.

We were asked to create a website which can have an impact on bounce rates, increase donations, increase interest from business partners and increase applications for the awards.

Design and the Arts are undervalued in their ability to impact social change

Speaking directly with students from varied disciplines we discovered that even at a University which had a specialised Sustainability Centre students felt that “sustainability lectures were being done to tick the box, because they had to”

Most design/arts students felt that their university courses were n’t engaging when it came to designing for social change.

With this in mind we then put the current Creative Conscience website through it’s paces and discovered that informing students quickly about why they should enter and motivating students to do so was our main challenge.


The way students navigated our high fidelity prototype indicated that their initial priority was to understand the quality of previous entrant’s work in the same discipline as their own.

We assessed how quickly students were understanding what Creative Conscience did and why.

We sketched out the flows for how an applicant might start the application and how we could make that as smooth and streamlined as possible. For example adding a checklist of things you needed before you start the process and informing people why certain information was requested.


Design studio with the client

Holding a design studio at the client’s office and with the Creative Conscience team helped us to work through some of the challenges with the site architecture and the user journey for making a donation.



Website screens


Transforming student’s ideas from a hypothetical to a reality is the USP of the Creative Conscience Awards. The projects themselves speak for themselves.

This is the crux of why students are motivated to apply. We built a site that communicates this quickly and clearly.

By redesigning how the imagery and copy is communicated on the site, we brought clarity, credibility and provided a more inspiring journey for the user.